Monday, August 27, 2018

Lindsey Bunny Workshop in June 2018

Hi everyone! Thank you for following and reading our blog!

Wayne has so many things to do right not and it's no longer easy to maintain all the social media platforms and pages!

But anyway we would still love to blog about what we do and we hope this will inspire more people to continue their passion in handmade crafts and do the things they love. =)

Here are some of the Lindsey Bunny Workshop pictures taken in the month of June! (Sorry for the lateness!)

Rachel and Jessie with their Lindsey Bunnies
Lindsey Bunny has been one of our best workshops this year with the most number of sign ups! Till today, we have more than 10 students who have completed their bunnies with us!

Joanne and Jenny with their Lindsey Bunnies

U-Lynn, Wei Tang, Tina and Krystina with all their lovely handmade creations

Teddy Bear making is not just about sewing! This is a great activity to build friendships and kinship.

We would like to thank all the students for their support! This give us lots of motivation to keep providing better creations for everyone to learn and enjoy!

We hope you will like these pictures as much as we do!

Wayne Lim

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