Monday, August 1, 2011

New squirrel Herbie ^.^

I have a new squirrel this week to share with everyone! He is so soft and cute, I really love him a lot and enjoy making him ^.^


I am getting more and more attached to making squirrels nowadays, squirrel has always been one of my "dream pet", I do hope to have a squirrel or maybe a sugar glider pet if there is a chance. Anyway, right now I am still happy with my 3 little hamsters =)

Herbie, here is my latest creation. I really really love his eyes, I guess I am getting better with needle felting now, each time I do, I can feel my improvements. Practise makes perfect! You may view more pictures of him here on my website:​ynestonbears/herbie

Hope you enjoy your weekend! See you in August =)


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