Monday, September 26, 2011

Damien has a new friend named Sierra!

Damien told me that he is i made Sierra this week to accompany him.
Sierra is made from the same pattern as Damien, she is pink in colour  with horse tail whiskers and a tail with wire armatures.

The only thing difference between them is Sierra has a shaved muzzle and I have edited her legs smaller. Isn't it interesting that even with the same pattern, both of their faces turns out to be different even from the same person who made it?

I believe that teddy bear is a piece of art which portays the mood of the artist at the time of its creation, hence I always keep a cheerful mind and thoughts while making my creations. Happy artist = happy bears = happy collectors ~ Spread your happiness to your love ones today!

It's less than a month away from the Singapore Teddy Bear Show!
Time to start gearing up and preparing for the show, cya there =) 

My name is Sierra

I am a Wayneston Mouse!

Are you looking at me?

Damien and Sierra are looking for a home
Damien and Sierra are both now available for adoption on my website, if you would like to give them a home please click on the link below or email me at:

Adopt Damien here:

Adopt Sierra here:

Hugs, Wayne


  1. What a sweet pair, good luck with your preparation for the fair

  2. They are just as cute as can be! Sierra looks so sweet with Damien!

  3. Thanks Katy & Melisa =) I am now preparing for the show, it has been a busy week!


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