Sunday, September 18, 2011

A new Wayneston Mouse added into our collection!

Hello my beary friends,

Wayneston Bears proudly presents to you our very first Wayneston Mouse, Damien!

I have always wanted to make a mouse and the day has finally come. Damien is just 5 inches tall and he could just nicely and comfortably sits on your palm!

To enhanced his looks, I have handmade him a ruffle with a golden bell and he tells me that he loves it! =)
Damien has a cute long wired tail too which allows him to pose. His paws and footpads are made of ultra suede with needle sculpted techniques.

Damien is now available for adoption my website.
We hope you like him!

We wish you a wonderful weekend with family and friends ^.^
Hugs, Wayne


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