Saturday, September 3, 2011

Another beautiful bear swap with Korea Artist, ByungHwa Ahn

I guess that I am the luckiest man on earth! Lately, I have added a few beautiful bears to my hug from artist swaps. Yesterday, I am thrilled to receive my swap bear from Amy! I met Amy during last year's Seoul Teddy Bear Convention, she is a nice lady and speaks good English. I am glad we could understand each other and become friends =) I fall in love with her polar and she likes my squirrel design too, thus both of us had agreed to have a swap last christmas.

Amy is one of the award winning artist in Korea and has been making natural & posable bear since 1997. Bears without joints (One piece design) is her signature. This is her website:

I have specially create a squirrel named Isabella for her and she made me a Polar with the title: To the North

The special moment when the parcel arrives! It reached my house so fast in less than 3 days! I think Amy must have sent him with Rocket Express =)

Thank you much for the swap Army! Hope to see you soon in Korea next year! ^.^
Hugs, Wayne


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