Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Eeeek! Something bad happened this morning!

Preparing to go out to work today, I removed my old spectacles to change a new one, it broke into 2 pieces! It was just a gentle touch!.... This is really bad, I need to go back for army reservice next month and it is broken! Could this be a bad omen?

Even though I have 2 more working spectacles with me, I can't use them for Army training... cos they are expensive... I guess I have to remake another cheaper one for the training because I will still need to serve for another 9 cycles :(

RIP my 7 years old army buddy :(
I have finished making a new Wayneston Critter yesterday night, he is really cute! Can't wait to show him to you. Any guesses what is he? Giving you a hint... he has a tail! =)

I will share his pictures with you this week, do come back and visit us again.


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  1. Thank goodness they broke now and not while you were at training, that would have been very bad.


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