Thursday, September 15, 2011

A very cool gadget that I want!

I use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator in office everyday and  have been a Wacom Tablet user for more than 5 years, it works very well with these design software. Lately, I found this new, cool gadget that Wacom have just launched, called inkling.

It allows users to converts whatever sketches, memos etc written on any piece of piece into vector graphics. After the file transfer, you can adjust and edit the control points of the lines artwork, this is really fabulous... a very powerful tool for graphic, animation and product designers. I am hoping to get one soon but it hasn't been offically launch in Singapore yet.

I can imagine how fast and productive with my logo designs. =)


  1. I watched this video, it is something I would probably rarely use, but now I want one too. It is so cool.

  2. Hi Wayne! You are in the hat for the give-away!
    Nice meeting you and your wonderful creatures!
    My son is also a huge inkling fan ! He uses the tablet and after seeing this just last week he wants one too.
    Have a great weekend,


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