Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Interesting Articles about Blogging

Hey beary friends! I came across these 2 articles on yahoo news few days ago and would like to share them with you. After reading this it might inspire you to start blogging! =)

1) How Blogging Can Help Your Career

Personally I think this is very true. In the beginning I started blogging to share my passion about my bears. This was just a pure a hobby blog meant for myself, in fact it's a diary for me to look back on how my bears evolve over the years. Till today, I am really surprise that YOU ARE READING MY BLOG, thank you!  =)

Through blogging I have made so many friends of the same interest, having friends from all over the word is REALLY COOL!

I am not a good writer, and I can't speak good english. Thanks for understanding me and I hope my pictures speak a thousand words for me. So friends, if I am doing this, so can you! Start Blogging and I know one day you will many friends to come and I can be your first friend on your blog =)

2) 7 Steps For Building Your Personal Brand Online

I agreed with this article that by leveraging on social media, it would add to our advantage to showcase our work and you never knows who, what, when miracle happens and turns you into a millionaire over night... LOL i am exaggerating

I also believe sharing knowledge with others is a good way to help others as well. It's a cycle like the way I got ideas and inspirations from others and I am passing that on. By sharing, I believe you are getting back more in return.

But I end, remember whatever you said on social media reflect on yourself, once it's done it's really done! Be responsible with what you want to share on your blog because it's going to be seen by everyone over the world. If you know that you are angry and is going to post something that you might regret, please take time to reconsider. Let yourself cool down for a day and rethink if posting something bad on your blog benefits you.


Thank you for writing me a comment! Have a great day! =)