Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tutorial - Beading a Little Chicky

Here's a tutorial I am going to share on how to bead a little chicky.
Christmas is round the corner, I thought you might like to do some hands-on craft for your love ones. For your information, the hen on the left is available on the market for years, because it's not my design so I am not teaching that today but I have redesigned another chicky so that you can learn in this tutorial.

You will be learning on how to make the chicky on the right which is designed by me.

Here's is a portion of my beading supplies

You will need round black beads x 2 pcs (4mm) for the eyes 
Nylon Fishing Line 0.22mm (You need to cut about 950mm long)

Swaroskvi Crystals or Plastic beads (3mm White - 24pcs, 4mm Yellow x 19 pcs, 3mm Brown x 9pcs, 3mm red x 1pc)

First, instead 5 of the white into the line then thread across the last bead to form a polygon

Next, thread across the last white crystal

Cross thread the black

Pass through the thread on black eyes side into the nearby white bead and the other ends insert in 3 whites

Then cross threading on the last white bead

The head is almost done, you can see the 2 eyes on the face
This time, you have one end thread to the nearby white crystal then the one end with 2 small white and 1 big yellow crystal

The cross threading will be on the white crystal
Thread into the nearby white crystal then insert a red crystal  then thread into the next white crystal. The thread passes though 3 crystals hortizonally.

The other end insert 1 yellow and 1 white then you cross thread on the last white crystal

Remember to instead in a round 6mm bead

Add 4 yellows
Repeat the same around

Pass throught the cross end into the nearby yellow crystal and on the other end insert 3 crystals

Do the same throughout
Pull tight!

This is how the base looks like, pass the thread around the base which consists of 5 yellows, tight knots 2 times

Weave the excess thread to the back of the chicky where you can find a polyon hole, thread the 2 ends across a yellow bead

Add 3mm Brown Crystals 3 pieces on the thread then weave around the body and tie knots to secure the structure

You can add wings consisting of 3 brown crystals on both sides, then insert a metal piece into the bead instead the head

Cut the metal piece shorter and use a round nose plier to form a loop

Add a metal ring and a handphone strap, this is the finished product! 

*Remember in this design, every interlink consist of 5 crystals. When you have excess thread, weave them around and tight knots, this will make the figurine tighter and rigid.
I hope you enjoy my tutorial today, HAPPY BEADING! =)



  1. Oh my, I love this. I think this might be perfect as the pull on my Blythe instead of the ring.

  2. Joanne, yes it will look cute for your Blythe ring =)
    Just remember not to pull on the chick but on the thread. I am sure you do not want the chick to break apart.

    If swaroskvi crystals are too shiny and difficult to bead for you, I would advise you to use plastic beads that aren't that reflective.

  3. So cute! Perfect for gifting for Christmas, thanks so much for sharing one of your many talents with us all Wayne x


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