Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My sister's first bear!

This is my youngest sister's first hand made bear. She is made from a pattern from a book. Even though this is her first attempt to make a bear, her sewning is neat. Last year, I tried to teach her to make a bear but in the end she sewn only an arm and gave up, as a result I finished the whole bear myself.

From there on, I decided not to teach her again until recently she kept pestering me to teach her again because it's school holiday and she is bored. I asked her choose a bear design from a book and she cut the pattern and sewn the bear according to my instructions. To my surprise, she did not complain this time and spent few hours per day to complete this bear! I am so proud of her. Alright, enough talking... bla bla bla... below are the pictures taken by me yesterday. Btw, this bear does not have a name yet :(

My younger sis with her first bear....LOL
She is lazy again... I asked if she want to make another one and she told me NO... LOL, I guess young kids like her has no patience; let's see when will she make another one again. If she does, I shall share the pictures with you again =)

I hope that you can leave some comments here so I can show them to her as a form of encouragement, maybe she will be motivated to make another one soon!

Hugs, Wayne


  1. you did it! keep up, that would be wonderful to past the traditional handcraft to family member.

  2. This bear is beautiful. I can hardly believe that this is the first bear that your sister has made. She has the family talent. I hope she will keep going.

  3. Sweet little chubby girl. She is cute :)

  4. Wow.. well done girl (*^^*)
    Please make more to show us ya!
    U have the talent :))


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