Sunday, November 13, 2011

Wayneston Bears Workshop - Part 2

Today is the final lesson of the bear making workshop. The students were good, happy and proud.
I am glad that they did their homework, went back home to finish up some stitching so we can complete the bear today. I am so proud of them! Well done!

I might have another bear making class soon, will update here on my blog. If you are interested do drop me an email and I can send you more information of the next workshop.

Left to Right: Evelyn, Me, Siew Eng & Lee Peng

Evelyn is doing nose embroidery for her bear!

Nose embroidering for Siew Eng's bear nose

Yes, Lee Peng is doing the same too!

Evelyn's first bear

Group Picture, say cheese!

Left to Right: My Bear, Peaches, Siew Eng's Bear, Evelyn's Bear and Lee Peng's Bear

Thank you for joining our bear workshop! We hope to see you again soon =)


  1. lovely bears. very talented students :)

    Hugs from Lithuania,

  2. Thank you Neri, they will be very happy to hear your comment =)

  3. They all turned out beautiful. Each has a very unique personality. It looks like a success for all.

  4. We have so much fun Joanne, some of them even asked for another bear making session =)


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