Monday, November 21, 2011

WIP - Grand Experiment Bear

This the going to be the biggest bear I have created.... and to most artists this is consider small LOL... He is just 10.5 inches. Since the Singapore Teddy Bear Show is over, I have decided to be brave to do some experiment.

This time I am working with Locklines, the needle felted nose and open/close sleepy eyes. I have started this bear almost a month ago and it's still not complete. As of today I can say that he is 85% complete. Seriously, making a big bear is so time consuming! I salute to artists that can make super big sized bears!

The locklines are armatures that allows your bears to pose in most of the position you like. This bear I have been working on has armatures on his limbs and spine, this allows him to curl up like a ball.

85% done!

Side view of my new bear

This is how the Lockline looks like, it's the skeleton for bears.
He should be completed this week - I hope so...
It's year-end, time for me to write down my new year resolution and look back at what I have achieved this year, I am happy to say I have achieved most of them :) Clapping for myself....

I have not yet tried colour dye for mohair/alpaca this will be done next year. Thanks for viewing my blog today, more pictures will be ready soon =)

Hugs, Wayne


  1. He is really looking great Wayne, I can't wait to see him completely finished.

  2. Have fun with the lockline Wayne - it really does create some wonderful results. The colors of your bear are very pretty, too. Hugs, Janice

  3. He is done, i am polishing his nose and going to take some pictures. Will be ready to night or sunday =)


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