Sunday, January 26, 2014

Introducing Fortune the Pony!

To mark the start of the new year 2014, I challenged myself to make something different. As it's the Year of the Horse, I was inspired to make a new pony design.

This pony is named Fortune and I wish Fortune will bring wealth, luck and good health to the person and family who adopts him.

Accompanying Fortune, is a little puppy named Wang which means "Prosperous" in Mandarin. Wang is very small and difficult to make, he is just 2.5 inches tall!

Fortune has wire armature on his limbs and tail, making him very flexible to pose. You can bend his arms to give Wang a hug! The body proportions are designed closely to resemble the horse with the hind legs bend. Extreme needle sculpting is made to his face to create depth and detail of the expression I desired and his feet has needle sculpted hove.

Fortune is now available for adoption on Bear Pile:

Or you may purchase him directly from my website:
(Look under > Available Bears > Other Critters > Fortune)

We hope you like our new creation and here's wishing all a galloping lunar new year!

Hugs, Wayne

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