Wednesday, January 29, 2014

WIP- A panda for a special friend

I am in the midst of making a new panda for my special friend, Margaret Burke (Nikkel bears).

I have been a fan of Nikkel bears before Margaret and I even knew each other. I first encountered Nikkel bears in a Singapore shop a few years back. Her signature hand-painted eyes give souls to her bears which makes them extra lovely. I could still vividly recall an angel bear she made with wings on her back, I couldn't take my eyes off her. I never knew that we could be close friends later on, communicating most of the time via Facebook and through emails.

Margaret lives in Sydney and we met 2 times in Australia during bear shows - Melbourne in 2012 and Brisbane in 2013. I am very thankful to Margaret for giving us guidance when we are at the show. We have also requested to have our show tables placed next to each other! Dinner time for us is always special; we have wine with Chinese cuisine and spicy food as well! After dinner, we did some sight seeing as well.

A swap was agreed 3 years ago. However due to work commitment, it was delayed. Now the time has come........ we have finally confirmed a date to swap!

The swap will take place probably be in June when we meet in Brisbane this year. I am so excited to meet her and her bears again.

Below are the WIP pictures of her panda. Do come back again to have a better view of the completed panda!

Before stuffing

Waiting for claws

Almost done... late step is to sand and smoother his nose

We hope you like him!
Hugs, Wayne

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