Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Logo for the Singapore Teddy Bear Lovers

The Singapore Teddy Bear Lovers have been around for 2 years. Over these 2 years, I felt that there is a need to have at least a banner or logo for the identity of the group. It was only after some time when Tai Shan (a Panda made for a special friend Margaret Burke) was born that I realised I have found the right logo for the group.

A Panda is the perfect bear to represent us as it is an internationally recognised mascot used in a general context to represent Asia (Singapore), where we live in.

To create the logo, I first took a side profile picture of Tai Shan. Then, I laid his image on Adobe Illustrator to create curves and strokes of his facial outlines using the pen tool. In the beginning, straight lines were used. However I still felt that something was amiss after a few rounds of revisions. It was the oriental feel which I was looking for that was lacking.

A picture of Tai Shan
Hence, I decided to replace the straight lines to Chinese calligraphy strokes and immediately I was astounded by the results!

The brush strokes had actually softened the feel of the logo, giving the panda a furry and cuddly warmth feel.

This is how the logo looks like.....

Even though I am happy with the logo right now, I know there is still much I can do to improve it further.

I would love to hear some feedbacks from you, what do you think of this logo?

Hugs, Wayne


  1. I love the logo. I can see the improvements as you worked. I would not change a thing. It is good right where it is.


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