Saturday, March 1, 2014

Bailey's New Home

We are thrilled to recieved news of Bailey's safe arrival at his new parents home in UK. They even sent us a picture of his new den!
His parents collect mainly mice. From a single look at the image, they have easily amassed more than 20 mice in their collection! WOW!
Baily is the white mouse seating down on the 3rd glass panel.
Picture of Bailey

Picture of Bailey
Baily's mum even wrote us a cute little Poem to share with the readers here on our blog.

Bailey the mouse
Has got a new home
As from Singapore he has roamed
 He has lots of new friends
From countries afar
Each one with great names
As they are all great stars
There's Cheese Cracker and Crumb with Stilton too
There's Milly and Hiccup and little Jimmy who sits with his cap on
Next to Albert and Smudger Little Smitch and Drum and Whizzer and Patch
They all are great fun
ScareCrow so tiny sat with his hat on
They're all so quite till the lights go on
They all live at Mouse Hole
The home of great mice                                                                                   With all of the bears they think it's so nice
Bailey sits with them and wishes for just one thing
To have one more mouse friend from a place called Sing(apore). 

Thank you Jane, for the creative and fun poem :)
* If you own a Wayneston Bears creation, we welcome you to share a picture with us today. Write something to us and we will share them here on our blog!
It always makes our day when we receive lovely email from our collectors.
Have a great weekend! =)
Hugs, Wayne


  1. Baily is very cute and I'm sure he loves living with that large family of mice.


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