Sunday, March 23, 2014

A lovely poem from Jiro's Mum and Dad

I am sorry, there will be new creations available this week for adoption. I will try to find some time to take some nice pictures next week.

Sharing with you today is another sweet little poem written by Jane and Mick who has recently adopted another wayneston Puppy Jiro.

Now Bailey's got a new friend
Who comes from Singapore
His name is little Jiro
We really need some more
He guards the mice in mouse hole
And sits so proud and tall
He has a bright red collar
Where is hung a lovely bell
He seems so very happy
It's so easy you can tell
We thank you Wayne sincerely
For making him so well
Our little alpaca bulldog in Hereford
Where he shall always dwell

Thank you Jane and Mick for the lovely poem, we hope to see more of these to share here again soon :)

Have a fantasic weekend everyone!!!

Hugs, Wayne

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