Monday, February 27, 2017

Make-a-Bunny Workshop 18 & 25 February 2017

Winnie, Wayne and Hui Chien
On 25 February, a new bunny was born from the creative hands of her proud mummy, Hui Chien!

Hui Chien with her first handmade bunny!
It was Hui Chien's first time making a Teddy Bear/Bunny. Before Hui Chien started, Wayne share with her tips to create a good bear. Following that, Wayne taught her the basic sewing and jointing techniques.

Positioning the bunny's ears before sewing onto head

Wayne also demonstrated how to make wired ears for the bunny. Hui Chien was a fast learner and very attentive during the workshop.

The other student, Winnie was back to make her 3rd creation under Wayne's guidance. She had previously attended the Mouse workshop. This time, she brought along a piece of brown mohair which she previously purchased from Wayne to make the bunny. This was a refresher course for her as she needs to recall some of the steps to joint the bunny.

Winnie is closing the openings after stuffing
It was a wonderful 2-session workshop with Hui Chien and Winnie. We had lots of fun chatting about our crafts, hobbies and interests.

Wayne is using markers to highlight the bunny's footpad.

Philip, Winnie, Wayne and Hui Chien

Cute bunny made by Hui Chien

Cute bunny made by Hui Chien
Well done to Hui Chien for completing her very first bunny! We have lots of "likes" on Facebook after sharing them on various social media platforms. Due to personal commitments, Winnie was unable to complete her bunny. She will finish the bunny at home and share pictures with us after she has completed it.

We look forward to seeing them again next time with their new creations!


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