Thursday, March 2, 2017

STBL Nursery Outing! A fun day with Bears and Orchids!

Wayne's friend, Melvin, specialises in Orchids. Melvin and his dad owns a small nursery which houses a variety of plants.

Wayne posted some pictures of his orchids on social media and it has caught the attention of some members of the Singapore Teddy Bear Lovers Group. Hence, an outing to the nursery was planned!

L-R: Sharon, Su Ling, Joyce, Philip and Wayne
Philip organised the trip to Melvin's nursery last Sunday and Wayne, Su Ling, Sharon and Joyce excitedly joined the trip. We were very thankful to Joyce for driving us to the location.

Wayne and TIc Tic
At nursery, we were all welcomed warmly by Melvin and his pet dog, Tic Tic! Inside the nursery, everyone was very impressed with the variety of orchids and there were a couple of orchids which are rarely seen in other commercial nurseries. Melvin shared with us that their nursery aren't open to public and it was solely open for hobbyist via appointment only.

With the beautiful surroundings, Wayne, Su Ling and Joyce quickly took our their handmade bears and took some pictures with the flowers.

 L-R: Bears made by Wayne, Joyce and Su Ling

Su Ling is so excited to visit the nursery.

After that, everybody excitedly went around the nursery and started snapping the lovely orchids on display. Some of the plants weren't potted as they enjoy growing on wooden stubs or air hanged. Melvin gave everyone some tips and knowledge on the different plants and how to grow them properly.

Joyce and Su Ling adventurously picked 2 pots of orchids each with no flowers on them. Melvin said that this is the beauty of purchasing orchids with flowers yet to bloom. It will keep you in suspense because you do not know what type or colours of the orchids will bloom! It will probably takes 1-2 weeks for the buds to blossom and it will certainly be a great surprise to both Joyce and Su Ling when the times comes!

Purchase of the day by Su Ling, Joyce and Sharon!
At the end of day, Joyce, Su Ling and Sharon bought some pots of orchids from Melvin to beautify their homes. Thank you Melvin for sharing his lovely nursery with us. We look forward to visit his nursery again in future when the other plants bloom!


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