Sunday, August 8, 2010

Blue Moon arrived! =) / Wayneston Town welcomes 2 new bears name Dalwin & Dalton

I am so excited this week, a new friend named Blue Moon has arrived our house. We love him! Blue Moon is specially designed by Kelly(Blondheart) as a giveaway bear on her blog. Thank you Kelly for the blog giveway =)

Isn't him gorgeous?

2 new bears was borned this week! Wayneston Town welcomed Dalwin & Dalton. Both will be available in my Etsy online shop and Facebook "Shop Now" Tab.


  1. Love the new bears Wayne. I really like the way you use the two tones on their muzzles. It makes them uniquely yours.

  2. Oh Wayne, I am so glad she finally got there. I can't believe how long that took!


  3. Joanne: Thank you for the feedbacks! I really appreciate that you spend time to comment on my blog =)

    Kelly: Thanks for the giveaway bear, Blue Moon will be treasured!


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