Sunday, August 29, 2010

Wesley is in town!

Thanks for visiting my blog again =) Wesley is the new bear that I have mentioned yesterday. He will be available in Etsy and Bear Pile.

I am suprised to see so many lovely comments on Little Ponnoi, this really makes me happy because it's the first time i saw comments from different viewers. THANKYOU SO MUCH =)

I am currently working on a new bee bear design, getting my fingers crossed and hope that i can show you next week.

Here are some pictures of Wesley the bear.


  1. Just way too cute - love those ears. (o:

    All of Us

  2. Wesley is gorgeous!His eyes shine like little stars. I love his paws too, so beautiful sculptured. And his ears tell me he pay attention to everything ;-) what? why? who? when? (giggle) Just "bearfect".
    Have a nice day!

  3. Thanks everyone! Wesley and me love your comments =)


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