Saturday, January 29, 2011

Little Precious On Board

Today is an exciting day for me and my family, because my sister has delivered a baby girl =)
Baby girl weights 2258 grams and is 44 cm tall! I feel a sudden urge of undescribable happiness when I saw her in the nursery. How I wish I have a baby too!

My mum carried the baby gently while I took some pictures, it's shame that only parents or grandparents are allowed to enter the nursery, I can only watch my niece through the window.

Oh dear, I am now a uncle, how I wish my niece calls me brother instead, I feel so old now...
She is so precious to us, I so looking forward to visit her in the hospital tomorrow =)

I hope you enjoy viewing these baby pictures as much as I do, have a great weekend everyone!


  1. awww congratulations to you all, yes such a precious baby and how so very beautiful and I'm sure your little niece will treasure you as a brother.x x x

  2. beautiful baby. Congratulations on being an uncle!

  3. Dear Wayne, I congratulate you heartily for your beautiful niece. She looks like a princess. I understand very well that you and your whole family are totally happy.
    And the title "uncle" you'll get used very quickly.
    Greetings to all your family, I rejoice with you.

  4. She is beautiful! And she is sure going to love Uncle Wayne with the magic fingers to make her so many beautiful things. Guess you better order some plastic safety eyes.

  5. congratulations to your family and say hi to uncle Wayne ;>

  6. Don't worry Wayne, you know you're getting old when your nephews and nieces start making you a great Aunt/Uncle!!!!!!!! And your children make you a Nanna/Poppa!! (I've been a great Aunt for 17 years!
    She's beautiful! <3 <3


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