Thursday, January 20, 2011

Work in progress ^.^

Ok... I must confess that I have been very lazy this few days, I think I just need a break.
I have been spending some time after my day job watching dramas and tv programmes. LOL

Of course I did some sewing but very slowly... Here's a new bunny that I am working on right now.
She is the smallest Wayneston bunny that I have ever made, I think her cute face is evolving =)

I will be swapping this bunny with a local bear artist (I shall keep her name secret right now...Haha)
and she will be making me a panda =)

We will be switching the bears this Chinese New Year, yipppeee =) , of course I'll post some pictures of the swap here too.

Many thanks for the lovely comments on my previous post about the logo =) I am glad that most of you like my logo. The next time I shall share an article about toys which I wrote for my final year project in school.

Have a great day!


  1. I like the bunny so far, Wayne! The color combination is nice, too. You make very cute rabbits. Do you sew your bears and bunnies by hand, or do you use a sewing machine?

  2. Hi Debora, it depends on the size of the bear/bunny. This bunny is hand sewn =)

  3. We all go through the 'lazy' times ~ just recharging your battteries! :) Cute bunny!

  4. She looks great,you do such lovely work!


  5. Thanks for taking some of your time to comment on my blog =)

  6. ooo…I love pandas. Here I bought a cuddly panda bag (L) that I can hardly put it down! I believe it is a GREAT find for every panda fanatic! hkpanda.freetzi. com


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