Friday, April 1, 2011

New Critter - Harry the Little Hedgehog

Hi friends,

Sorry for keep you waiting to see my new creation. Today I am listing a new critter on Bear Pile, here is the link.

Introducing Harry the Little Hedgehog! He is a new design that I have created. This little boy is 5 inch tall, I think he is pretty unique because i have done something new to his ears! His ears are sew on both sides and needle sculpted, i kinda love this new look =) With this new idea of making the ears, I might apply this on dolls as well, we shall see...

This week, I have finish another critter as well for the ACD Awards (Australia) competition, but I am unable to show him to you yet :p

I have received my swap birthday bear from Olga last week! Yippee i m so excited! I have not yet opened it, saving it for my special day next month =) Olga and I will blog on our swap bears in the mid of April. Stay tuned!

Today I am working on a squirrel (not for sale) and he will be completed tomorrow, crossing my fingers.
Next week, I need to work on my custom kitten order! I am excited to work on a kitten again =D

That's all folks, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Hugs, Wayne


  1. Such a sweet wee guy, like the new ears

  2. Lovely!!!
    I like his chubby cheeks!

  3. Very sweet,love him!


  4. Thank you all for liking Harry! =)
    He has found a new mum and will be flying to UK tomorrow!

  5. i Wayne,

    Oh my . . this little fellow has made me giggle so!
    You created the dearest faces!!!
    Thanks for popping by my blog as well.
    You have a beautiful niece !
    Have a sunny day,
    Lori Ann


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