Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thoughts to share this week

Last Friday was my last day working day and I had a whole week break before starting my new job =)

I kept telling myself that I am going to make this week an experience to become a full time bear artist. This few days, I make bears for the July online "Bears on Parade" show and also catch up with school friends. I have met many people this week and I learnt a lot from listening and sharing.

I am enjoying this moment of the time because I am stress-free and doing what I want =) I wish I could enjoy this longer... I have been thinking a lot this week on what I want in life and have attended a few self enrichment inspirational workshops.

In the workshop everyone is so positive; it really influences you to be one of them. We shared our dreams and visions and shared how and what we have done to move towards our goals. We even created our own dream book with images. Everyone has a different story to tell and a different journey ahead to the end point. This is something I have always been searching for – what I want in life. Everyone has a dream but did not execute. As we age, our dreams become smaller and smaller, eventually it disappears with time :( We have spent so much time working in our life and therefore lesser time to think about our dreams and spending less time with our family. We have to work really hard in order to exchange time for money. I do not want to fulfil my dreams at the age of 60...

I have a dream and I am going to embrace it. I know what I want and I am going to succeed.
Let's think about what we want now and plan to act on it =)

Sewing a new Wayneston Baby =D

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  1. Hi Wayne!
    It's a long time since I didn't visit you, sorry.
    You are right, we shouldn't wait to life our dreams. The workshop seams to be great! Thanky ou very much for sharing this thoughts with us.
    Lot of love and hugs,


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