Friday, June 8, 2012

Happy Feets

Hello! Sorry for not updating my blog for a loooong time! I have been working on the critters for the online show in July and now 4 of them are ready, I am sewing the 5th critter now.
I am unable to show them to you yet :( sorry...
But... I guess I can still show you the little feets of these little ones =)

I enjoy creating paws and footpads for my bears and animals, each footpad is needle sculpted with just one piece of strong nylon thread. I can feel that I am getting better and better with needle sculpting techniques. Practise makes prefect! Once you keep practising and making them, it's isn't hard at all.

I hope your day is extra fine today, have a wonderful coming weekend =)

Hope you like my happy feets =)


  1. hi! very cute paws!!! I really like them! want to see more!!!

    ..I've already done (sewn) all of them, but all are to be completed and finished... it's so much work to do! And oly one is finished completely! (((

  2. so sweet toes, will see who's the owners of them.
    All the best Wayne!


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