Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Journey – Magazine Features (Part 2)

Many of my friends have been asking me what I have done to be featured in bear magazines. Seriously, I have no idea and haven't done anything!

It happened on one fine day in 2011: I received an email from a bear magazine contributor with some interview questions. I was surprised at that time and did send them the answers with some pictures of my bears and animals. I really have no idea where they got my email or contact information from.

After the first feature in June 2011, I have frequently received emails for new features. This has made me very motivated, and I strive to create new things and make sure that I am always prepared for the next interview to come. It's an opportunity not to be missed, and I am lucky to be one of the chosen artists.
A few of the things I could strongly recommend are to take very high resolution pictures of your bears on a plain background. This is the most important criteria, because the magazine does not want an image to be blurred when it is enlarged. A plain background makes it easier for graphic designers to remove the background, lighten the shadows, or crop out the bear. I am not a trained photographer. I am using a low-end Canon DSLR camera for my bear photography. Although my photographs is not the best, I compensate by selecting my best pictures. I then brighten and enhance the pictures as necessary.

I think it would be polite to always send a reply letting the contributor know if you are interested in the feature upon receiving his or her emails. If you are not interested, just let them know so that they will have enough time to find other artists who are interested in the feature.
I want to thank Teddy Bear Review, Teddy Bear & Friends, Pretty Toys Magazine and Vibes Magazine for selecting me as one of the featured artists in your wonderful magazines. =)
Click on this link to read more on Wayneston Bears magazine feature:

Hugs, Wayne


  1. It's wonderful to be featured, Wayne. Congrats on all of the publications you have been in! xoxo, Janice

  2. Wonderful - Its so exciting, I hope you have a wonderful display spot! - Check out the Teddy Bear and Friends Blog to see your Melbourne show stand - Thanks for the photos, they are very good! Much better than mine. Hugs Helen

  3. You are a master of public relations Wayne. It is a real gift you have I think. You are just so likeable, and your creations so sweet. You deserve all of the publicity.

  4. Thank you Kay Kids, Janice, Helen and Joanne for leaving me a comment! I really enjoy reading all the comments you have all left here on my blog!


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