Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Happy Panda ~ Day Dreamer

"I would say this is probably the best Panda I've ever made" =)
Here's my latest Panda - Day Dreamer!
I dreamed of making another open mouth bear again, but was held me back everytime I tried to draw a new pattern - I was scared of failure.
Students asked me to teach open mouth designs but I knew that I am just not ready. My urge grew stronger and finally last month I drew a brand new Panda design with an open mouth.
I am ambitious, I gave it all I have learnt. His mouth is internally wired which enables him to open and close and most of all, the first attempt to create teeth and leather eyelids. 
I have never thought that this design would work at all, but what's in my mind is never to give up in any process of creating a bear. The earlier process of bear making always gave me the creator an illusion that it wouldn't turn out to "Look Good". I strongly believe that if you think postively, the bear will turn out to become something better than imagine - that's what I call MIRACLE.

If you are feeling happy while creating a bear, he/she turns out to be happy too!
Emotions can be infused into your creations too!

Making Panda, Day Dreamer really makes me really happy. I discovered unlimited possibilities. I even needle sculpted his gums and tongue! This is also my first time working with leather paw and foot pads. I have also learnt a new technique myself to create leather eyelids!
Day Dreamer is now available for adoption on Bear Pile:
I have more playful pictures of him there, so take a peek when you are free.
I hope you will like Day Dreamer. Have a wonderful weekend! =)
Hugs, Wayne

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  1. What a fabulous panda Day Dreamer is Wayne! So much work has gone into him but well worth it. Well done! Have a lovely day.


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