Monday, November 12, 2012

Visiting Esther's Bear Booth

Last Saturday, I visit my bear friend, Esther Lee's bear booth at The Village, near Serangoon North.
The last time I met her was many months ago. It's fun meeting up with bear friend, chatting about the latest updates and techniques on bear making and techniques.

I bought along my latest panda, Day Dreamer and took a picture with Esther and her bears.

Esther is one of the pioneer bear artist in Singapore, I know that you wouldn't believe because she still looks so young! She is like my sister =)

One of my colleague helped me took this picture after my photography session with Day Dreamer. I am surprised that we have so many "Likes" on facebook. I am now motivated to create more beautiful bears to share on my blog with everyone. We would like to thank you for your lovely comments and coming back to read our blog.

We wish you a wonderful day.
Hugs, Wayne and Day Dreamer


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