Sunday, January 20, 2013

Fun at Sentosa Adventure Cove

Last Sunday, I went with a group of friends to the Sentosa Adventure Cove. It's a new water theme park.

I have never been to any water theme parks like Fantasy Island or Wild Wild Wet in Singapore and it's a brand new experience with me.

It was a bright and sunny day, the weather is good! The first stop we went was a slide called "Whirl Pool Washout" My best friend told me that it's the easliest ride for beginners like me who has height phobia. Been a trust worthy friend, I agreed and took the challenge with him. On our way down the slide, I screamed and almost couldn't feel my heart beating anymore. I almost died... LOL

My best friend asked: "It's it fun?" I replied... this is sick...
Me: I am really scared...
Best Friend asked again: More fun then thrilling right?

Then i got kinda mad because he told me that isn't scary at all.

After the slide, they pulled me by force to take another ride on the other lane... They said that we should take all the rides/slides to enjoy the thrill since we have paid $29 for the entry...

In the end, I ended up taking 4 adventure rides with them... due to that, I had nightmares for 2 nights LOL...

My favourite part of the event is Snorkelling! Wow... I love it even thought I can't see without my spectacles. I hate the fact that I can't see a single thing in the deep aquarium. I can only see colours and the blurry shapes of the fishes. The difficulty in this sport is to learn the ability to breathe throught the mouth and NOT THE NOSE! Having the first time trying this activity, we drank lots of saltish water... (fishes fertiliser?) Yucks! I would love to go snorkelling again! Perphaps getting my own goggles with degree?

One of the my favourite activity was the easilest rides of all, the Adventure River. It's a underwater tunnel experience which brings you around the park. The depth of the river is only 0.9meters, you can wear a life jacket or sit on a float and follow the currents bringing you to diffierent check points.

The Bluwater Bay was very fun as well! We called it the Tsunami wave. You can see many move towards the start point at the end before the wave starts. When the horn blows, strong waves will push the floats to the shore. It's very thrilling... I lost my spectacles while playing this and almost drown! Luckily the lifeguard was holding on to my spectacles when it's pushed to the shore.

If you are here in Singapore, I would strongly recommend this wonderful place. 3 of the attractions are not yet ready. There should be a new cafe, shark and dolphin attraction coming up soon maybe by end of the year.

Thank you for reading on our little adventure today, have a wonderful weekend!

Hugs, Wayne

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