Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy New Year! ~ My Swaps in 2012

My last swap of year 2012 arrives last Thursday, from a very good friend - Janice Woodard from USA. I have many swaps last year, more than any years in my bear making journey. Maybe more swaps than the number of bears I sold! LOL

Swaps are very fun especially when it's with someone that you admire and wanted to have a piece of their wonderful creation in your collection - you can show them off to your friends! It's also a platform to build trust and friendships over the globe. If someone wants to swap a bear with you that's a compliment because he/she likes your work!

I don't always ask for swaps, but only to friends (mostly from facebook) that wants a trade/swap. I did get rejects or no replies from some of them, but it's prefectly fine... because at the same time I did received offers from friends to have a swap too. On some occasions, it's not just ONE but TWO! =) I can never complain on having too many furry friends!

Below are the recaps of my Swaps in 2012!

This is my first time swapping with Janice. I send her a squirrel named Wintersnow in exchange for her bunny Meeko. Meeko is 12 inches tall, made from beautiful faux fur and has a needle felted face! I am so in love with her when I received her, it's a prefect companion for the 2 little mice which I adopted from her last year.

Photos contributed by the courtesy of Janice Woodard

Wintersnow, specially made for Janice Woodard

Here's the first swap for year 2012! I have decided to start off the new year with a post recap of my 2012 swap! Isn't this exciting? So let's get started....

Lisa is a lovely friend I met on facebook. She is a humourous lady and I enjoy chatting with her. She makes realistic bears and her craftmanship is excellent. I am a proud owner of her 2 bears namely Herbert and Rose, in return I exchanged my bunny which she named Herbert as well and Chappy the monkey. It's a wonderful swap and we have plans to exchange again later this year.


Katie is my very first collector and is my very best friend. She is an artist as well, she makes intricate miniature needle felted animals and is a painter as well. Last year was a special year for my birthday, we have agreed to have a swap. I swapped Baby Mocha for her paintings. Katie is generous, I asked for one and in return she gave me 4! It's my best birthday gift ever!


I want to thank Natalia for proposing a birthday swap with me. I went to her blog and saw this adorable bear and wanted her badly. She is very kind and agreed to make a similar one specially for me. In return I drew a new panda pattern and made her Panday. I am very glad that she love my panda too.


Kelly is one of my most favourite bear artist. She makes traditional bears and I always called them "Timeless Beauty", no matter how many times or on any occasion I looked at them, they never fail to make me smile! They give a mysterious nostalgic feel to me as a collector. I am now a proud owner of 4 bears made by Kelly. I swapped James with Kelly's Panda named Jinan.


I am proud to say that I have a swap with famous artist - Angelica Holm! Angelica makes mostly realistic monkeys and I can say that she makes the best monkey! I love every single piece of her works, they never fail to melt my heart. One day I am going to adopt another one of her creation again. The dragon I sent her is named Amaryllis.


This is my first time swapping for an artist doll! Nikki Britt is also a famous doll artist based in US. We get to know each other through Facebook and Instagram. She told me how much she loves my dragon and wanted a swap. I agreed and she sent me a Ball Jointed Doll, Felix designed by her. It was a limited edition, moulded from Resin. She wanted a similar coloured dragon which I swapped with Angelica, so I made her Artemis. I am thrilled! I have always wanted to collect dolls but they are too expensive for me to afford them. I am glad to have another doll added into my collection.

I want thank all the artist above for the wonderful swap and I will treasure them forever. We hope you enjoy reading about our swap recap in 2012. Wishing all of you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

P.S look out for our next birthday swap in Feb/March.

Hugs, Wayne


  1. It was great pleasure to swap with you, Wayne.
    will hope not last one.

    your collection looks great !

    Happy new year! Let all dreams be fulfilled.

  2. What a wonderful post, Wayne! You had some great swaps in 2012 - the doll is my favorite! Her face is way beyond adorable! The paintings are beautiful - well, everything you swapped for was wonderful! I'm so happy you like Meeko and I'll let you know as soon as my little squirrel, Wintersnow, arrives! Happy New Year! Hugs, Janice

  3. Thank you Natalia, it's my pleasure too =)

    Janice, thank you for the swap. I hope that Wintersnow arrives soon!


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