Friday, February 15, 2013

My Birthday Swap

My early Birthday Wish....

I am hoping that someone could do a swap with me for my birthday again this year, my birthday falls in April and the swap should be ready by end of March or early April. Last year I had 4 swaps and this makes me very happy.

I know it's kinda rush asking for a swap since now is mid of February, I am currently busy with my website design too and I have hardly enough time to create new bears. Therefore, I am proposing to reduce the number of swaps to just ONE or TWO for my birthday this year.

If you are a Doll or Bear Artist that is interested to have a swap with me, kindly send me an email so that we can discuss further about the swap. Please send an email to: , subject title - Birthday Swap. I will reply all your emails by 20 February to inform you if you are in my swap list.

Thank you for reading my blog posts and I love you all.

Have a blessed new year =)
Hugs, Wayne

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