Friday, February 22, 2013

Wonderful Dinner with Bear Friend, Esther

2 days ago, I have a meet up with my friend, Esther who is also a bear artist in Singapore. As usual, we bought along few of our newer bears which we have adopted and made recently.

We had Japanese Sushi for dinner and later went to a spacious place for tea and coffee. It's a pity that one of our friends couldn't come to join us.


Esther showed me 3 bears which she has adopted recently. The gold coloured bear is made by Janice Woodard, cute little puppy made by Leny van der Eijk and the vintage red bear made by Natalja Fjodorova. Esther also bought the little bear which is her latest creation.

I bought along 3 bears from my collection, the bunny which I have swapped recently with Janice Woodard, an adorable little mouse made by Lori Ann and Jovial the panda which I have made.

It was once again another fun meet up which we chatted about our bear collection and bear making techniques. We are looking forward to our next meet up soon!


  1. Sharing knowledge with other bear makers is the lovely part of bear making.

  2. hi. im living in Kyoko Japan.

    They are colorful and sooo cute!

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    really lovely! please look.


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