Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Make a Mouse Workshop 24 April 2013

I started a trial on "Make a Mouse Workshop" 2 weeks ago with my best friend, Philip before proceeding to promote the workshop.

It was important as it helped me to know how much time is required to complete a mouse for students with no prior sewing experience. I need to understand the difficulty level of this workshop and see if it is easy for future students to understand.

During the process of making the mouse, Philip asked me questions and this prepared me for the upcoming classes commencing this month in May.

It took Philip approximately 2 weeks, 10 hours to complete him. Of course along the way, he had to bring back the remaining parts of the body home to sew and come back the following week to learn how to stuff and joint the mouse.

I think one of the most difficult process in bear/animal making is the face. In most instances, the face will appear distorted after stuffing if it wasn't sewn symmetrically in the beginning. The face is the soul of the artwork, this includes the placement of the eyes and the position/size of the nose.

Usually, my students will complete the head during the first session of the workshop with me guiding them through each step. This will give them much more motivation and they will look forward to the following week to complete their bear/animal.

I have started another Mouse Making Workshop last week with 3 students and their mice are coming alive. I can't wait to share more pictures of their end products with all of you.

Below are some pictures of the mouse made by Philip, I hope you will like it. Philip is now making another bear. Please do give him some encouragement and I believe he will become a fine artist one day.

Mouse made by Philip

Stop punching me!

(L-R) Cheddar, made by Wayne and mouse made by Philip

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