Sunday, May 26, 2013

Make a Mouse Workshop, 5 & 25 May 2013

I am extremely pleased to share with you today, some creations made by my students during the Mouse Workshop conducted recently this month.

3 students signed up for the Make a Mouse Workshop in early May 2013. It was their first attempt to make/sew a mouse. Even with no prior sewing experience, they picked up basic sewing techniques quickly and in due time, were able to manipulate with the sewing needle proficiently.

On their first lesson, the students namely, Johnny, Carol and Jovina, learnt basic sewing skills. They sew some of the body parts and completed making the mouse's head with the embroidered nose. Uncompleted parts were bought home to finish. At the same time, sewing during their free time helps to reinforce the sewing techniques they have learnt on the first day.

They learnt jointing, stuffing and closing of seams on their second lesson. During the process, I was excited to see all their hard work paying off and watching their mice coming to life was extremely gratifying. After assembling, the students trimmed the fur and gave shadings to their mice to enhance the looks.

It was a fun experience having them in our class and we look forward to seeing them again in future.

We hope you enjoy viewing the pictures below of our very first Make a Mouse Workshop. Enjoy.

Hugs, Wayne
First Lesson (L-R): Carol, Johnny, Me and Jovina

Mouse made by Jovina

Mouse made by Carol

Mouse made by Johnny

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