Wednesday, October 2, 2013

An Painful & Expensive Experience

We have sadly lost both fishes which we have imported from Thailand last week. Philip and I are heartbroken.
The male passed away on Thursday and the female joined him on Sunday. It's particularly devastating for me because I have spent so much time and effort caring for them.

We have placed our hopes on the female guppy which was about to give birth in less than 3 days. We have read lots of books in preparation. However the practical experience has proven to be more important than reading (theory).

The expensive pair has left us spellbound and we couldn't see any other guppies which can compare to them in local fish shops/farms.

We have decided not to import any overseas guppies until we have more experience in handling the local guppies.

RIP Thailand guppies... We love you.

Hugs, Wayne & Philip


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