Thursday, September 26, 2013

Make a Bear Workshop, Part One - 21 September 2013

Last week, we have 3 students participating in our Make a Bear Workshop namely: Philip, Michelle and Fyon.
Happy Faces of Fyon & Michelle

Philip is making his 3rd bear

Michelle is making a special birthday bear for her daughter
It is Michelle's first time making a bear and this bear will be a very special birthday gift for her little princess. Fyon has made a bear before and coincidentally, she learned to make her first bear from my teacher, Emen Chen. So with a little guidance, she was able to quickly pick up the skills! A refresher course helped her to regain some confidence! The most "experienced", and only guy in the group, Philip, has made 2 bears before. This is his 3rd time making another bear. So as the senior, he gave some tips on the basic fundamentals too. The small interactive group was fun! We have lots of laughter and thanks to everyone's active participation, all of us left the class with a big smile on our faces.


We look forward to see all 3 students next week to complete the bear! =)

Hugs, Wayne

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