Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Review: Singapore Teddy Bear Show 2013

This is Wayneston Bears’ 3rd time participating in the Singapore Teddy Bear Show organised by Toy Artist LLP.

The show was held in one of the conference room (Level 5) in the National Library located at Victoria Street. The showroom is large, well air ventilated with air-conditioning and bright lights. It is a very comfortable and conducive venue for participants and visitors.

As the soft Christmas music begins, visitors and collectors started strolling into the room with the Christmas mood to shop for bears.

This year, there were 12 participants comprising of Bear Artists, Manufacturers and Retailers, namely:

Anna Filatova – ANNAPAVLOVNA (Russia)
Daniel Ord & Marcus Von Kloeden - The Art Club Singapore (Singapore)
Emen Chen - Emen’s Creations (Singapore)
Fabian Song - Fabian’s Teddy (Singapore)
Heather Lyell & Roy Watkins - D’Lyell Bears (New Zealand)
Irene Goh - Beary Blissful (Singapore)
Isaac Kong & Pamela Theng – Organizer (Singapore)
Leonard Gotoking - J.A.BRUINSdzigns (Singapore)
Mac Asanuma & Tomoko Endo - Only One Inc (Japan)
Ren Lee - Ren Bears (Germany),
Sueyi Tam - Sueyi’s Bear (Hong Kong),
Wayne Lim -Wayneston Bears (Singapore)

I was happy that my table was right in the middle of my 2 artist friends, Anna Filatova (Russia) & Irene Goh (Singapore). It is their first time participating in a show. As both of them have a wonderful collection of bears on display, many people dropped by their table to look at their bears.

Irene Goh (Beary Blissful)

Anna Filatova (ANNAPAVLOVNA)

At the show, I was very excited to meet my mentor, Emen Chen. Emen taught me the art of bear making 4 years ago. Without any hesitation, I pulled my teacher aside and quickly took of few pictures with him.

Emen Chen (Emen's Creations)

Fabian Song (Fabian's Teddy)

Leonard Gotoking (J.A.BRUINSdzigns)

Pamela & Isaac Kong (Organiser)

Daniel Ord & Marcus Von Kloeden (The Art Club, Singapore)

Ren Lee (Ren Bears)

New Zealand artists, Heather Lyell & Roy Watkins (D’Lyell Bears) are very friendly. We shared our experiences on overseas shows and some teddy bear techniques. Their bears are well dressed and accessorised in Victorian style. Anyone of us could see how much time and effort they have spent to make their bears prefect! It is always great to meet like-minded people who share similar passions. I am very inspired by their stories and experiences they have shared.

(L-R): Heather Lyell, Irene Goh, Me & Roy Watkins (D'Lyell Bears)

Bear by D'Lyell Bears

Beautiful hedgehogs made by D'Lyell Bears
My family came on the first day of the event. One of them is our little niece, Lavigne whom adores teddy bears. She moves around like a princess, putting her hands on the display bears to feel the softness in her hands and giving a contented look. My brother bought her a frog softie and she hugged it home after the event.

Family Photo

Our princess Lavigne posing
Many of my colleagues, friends, classmates and collectors came down to see the show. I want to take this opportunity to thank them for their support to make this a successful event. Last but not least, a special thanks to my best friend Mr Philip Tan for helping me throughout the 2 days.

(L-R): Philip Tan, Marcus & wife and me)

Thanks for coming, Clarence Goh

Thanks Evelyn for giving Esther a new home!

We received lots of enquiries on our workshops during the show. 4 people signed up for the Make a Bear workshop, which already commenced last weekend.  In fact, some visitors have enquired and are looking forward to our workshops next year!

Tomoko Endo & children and Mac Asanuma (Only One Inc,Japan)

Some of my friends who missed the show have asked me when my next show is. I teased them and told them if they want to see my bears, visit Australia next year! Time really flies! It passes by so fast that we are now approaching the end of the year; it’s time for me to plan ahead for next year to have a memorable one!

We hope that you have enjoyed reading my review on the Singapore Teddy Bear Show 2013. See you again next year! Very soon! J

Have a blessed day!


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