Thursday, December 26, 2013

Wayneston Bears Make a Bear Workshop – 14 & 21 December

We are very pleased to have 2 passionate ladies attending the Make a Bear/Bunny Workshop! This time we have a pink bear and bunny coming alive!

 A novice bear maker, Suling, signed up for the Make a Bunny Workshop this time. I was very glad to share more techniques with her since she already knew most of the basics about bear making.

Bear making isn't new to Suling as this was her 5th time making one. I am very happy to know her. She is a very humble lady, and I can sense her enthusiasm in this craft. After knowing her background, I have modified the course to aid her on areas which she wanted to improve on.

Despite attending some classes before, she pointed out that some of the processes were unclear, hence she needed this refresher course.I have seen her stitches and was certain that sewing is not a problem for her. I guided her through the course to complete her very first bunny with wire inside the ears which allowed them to bend. She was very satisfied with the bunny and I am glad to know that I have helped her to better understand the step by step process to complete a bear.

Mary-Ann is back after a long business trip. Her bear turns out well too! She is a very patient lady, every of her stitches were neat and firm, and she understood each step to complete the task.

Mary-Ann's First Bear
 After completing her first bear, she gave her bear some shadings around the eyes, ears and nose to enhance the facial features. To accessorise their bear, Suling gave her bunny a handmade tacted flower and Mary-Ann gave her bear a ruffles.

Mary-Ann and her first bear! Well Done! :)

Suling is very happy to make her first bunny!
I am very lucky to have them in the class as despite of the small group, we could still have fun creating a bear from scratch.

We hope to see Suling and Mary-Ann again in the Make a Bear workshop! Merry Christmas!

Hugs, Wayne


  1. Wayne, you are a such wonderful teacher. Thank you so much for your guidance.

  2. Wayne, you are such a wonderful teacher. Thank you for your guidance. I love my little bunny.

    1. Thank you for your comments, Su Ling. I hope to see you soon again with your new bears!


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