Friday, February 21, 2014

Singapore Teddy Bear Lovers CNY Gathering

Another wonderful gathering was held last week at one of the Teddy Bear Lover member's house. A very big special thanks to Ms Evelyn Choo for sharing her beautiful house with us. This time, we had a total of 8 members who came for the gathering. We also welcomed our newest member Ms Ivy who is also an avid bear & doll collector.

For this gathering, we decided to have a Potluck Session where everyone contributes a dish to be shared amongst the group. Everyone reached Evelyn’s place at 3pm with excitement on their faces. The food was placed on the buffet table while the teddy bears / dolls were brought to another table for everyone to view and play with.

To start the ball rolling, we had “Yu Sheng” as the opening dish. Having it during Chinese New Year is a cultural activity for Chinese living in Singapore and Malaysia. It symbolises abundance, prosperity and vigor. Everyone stood up and tossed the ingredients into the air with chopsticks, while saying various auspicious wishes loudly. It is believed that tossing the ingredients as high as possible increases your luck and fortune. So you can imagine the mess we made after we stopped tossing!

We had a tour of Evelyn’s house and were mesmerised by her amazing collection of over 500 Barbie dolls. All of us were in awe of all the dolls that lined up against the walls of the 2 bedrooms in the house!

After we have eaten and viewed Eveyln’s house, all of us started to admire and view all the bears that were on display. Irene came in 1st Place in the Taiwan Teddy Bear Competition held recently last year and was proudly showing us her beautifully coloured glass bear shaped trophy together with the Award Winning Ballerina Bear. We would like to congratulate Irene on her achievement!

Crotchet bears made by Su Ling and Evelyn were so cute that Wayne couldn't resist to give them a hug!

Esther brought along her latest creations, 2 puppies and a little squirrel which won the 2nd place in Taiwan Animal Category last year. We are also happy to see our Russian friend, Anna Filatova, joining in our gathering once again. :)

Lvy's Lati's doll sat on the back of Esther's puppy and they looked like a match made in heaven! Everyone just couldn't wait to snap a picture of them.

The gathering was fun and unforgettable. The only mistake we made was to prepare too much food! We would also like to thank Philip for helping to take the pictures once again. J

We are already looking forward to our next gathering!

Hugs, Wayne


  1. What a wonderful day you had. Good food, good friends and wonderful bears.

  2. Thank you Kay Kids, I hope you have a similar party too!


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