Monday, March 28, 2016

Birthday Swap with Kati Kainulainen

Last month, we posted on our blog a swap proposal for my birthday in April.

We are very excited to receive 2 emails from different artist who are interested to do a swap with us.

Today we would like to share our first swap with Ms Kati Kainulainen.

Profile about Kati:
Kati is a talented ceramic and glass designer based in Kuopio, Finland. She loves everything tiny and one of her dearest hobbies are doll houses and miniatures in scale 1:12.

She has been a miniature & ceramics artist for over 10 years. She uses plaster molds and liquid clay in her works.

Miniature Ceramic Art by Kati Kainulainen

Kati sent me a few sets of miniature ceramics pottery & a bath tub for our birthday and in return, we sent her a 2.5 inch tall miniature kitty named Miuku-Mauku.

You may view more of Kati's works and creations on her blog:


Miuku-Mauku is named by Kati as it sounds like Miau which symbolises cat. This is our very first time creating a small jointed animal and it's pretty challenging to create one due to it's small size. We are very pleased with our first attempt to make a miniature cat specially for Kati and she is pleased with him too.

Miuku-Mauku is now on his way to Finland to met his new mum.

We want to take this opportunity to thank Kati for the wonderful gifts! We are happy to have her miniatures added into our collection, and soon we will look into expanding and exploring the world of minis!

Look at Miuku-Mauku standing in the bath tub and having a tea party with items all made by Kati. He looks very happy doesn't he?

We look forward to our 2nd swap with Ms Susan Leigh, an Australian artist, so stay tuned!
Thank you for visiting us today, have a wonderful day!

Hugs, Wayne

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