Monday, March 14, 2016

Fun Fur Day 13 March 2016

The Fun Fur Day last Sunday attracted a total of 14 people. This was our very first time having such a big crowd!

We had friends from Hungary, Saudi Arabia, Italy, China and Malaysia. As most of the attendees were new to the group, Wayne gave a short introduction of the Singapore Teddy Bear Club. It was truly a wonderful experience as all of us shared our experiences and learn different countries cultures.

The gathering was held at Joe & Dough, which was spacious for us to display our Teddy Bears while at the same time enjoy good coffee and pastries.

It was the first time for the new people namely, Peter (Hungary), Adularahman (Saudi Arabia), Fangzhu (China), Anna (Russia), Serena (Italy) and Hayley (Malaysia) to make close contact and mingle with Teddy Bear Artists and Artist Bears. They were pleasantly surprised to find such a niche community in Singapore and were intrigued by the various types of Teddy Bears on display.

They began to mingle with the regulars to learn more about the process of bear making and what makes us come together to share this art.

Wayne also shared and gave them a brief insight on the types of materials used to create a teddy bear and the different styles of teddy bears made by different artists.

At the end of the day, everyone gathered to take a group photo with the Teddy Bears.

We want to thank everyone who attended the event and look forward to seeing everyone again soon in the next Fun Fur Day!


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