Friday, May 19, 2017

A special visitor from Japan!

On 15 May, Maki Manabe from Japan came to visit Singapore! She had arranged for Wayne to organise a meetup with the Singapore Teddy Bear Lovers Group members. Maki is also a bear artist, under the brand, "ALOHA BEAR". All of her creations are Hawaiian-style themed, each having their unique personality.

Maki choose the finest Japanese fabric to make her bears and animals. She has good judgement and taste in combining vibrant colours to make her bears stand out, and having that "Kawaii" factor. One look and you will definitely know it's made in Japan!

Our meetup was held in at Paradise Dynasty at Orchard Ion, having Tim Sum for dinner. We were glad that one of our members, Winnie was able to assist in the translations. Otherwise, we would have difficulty communicating with Maki-san!

L-R: Paula, Wayne, Philip,Chio, Maki, Amanda, Esther and Winne

After dinner, we met Esther and Paula for coffee. We took another group photo before we left for the night. Thank you Maki-san for visiting us. We hope to meet you again next time!

P.S: You can join Maki-san's FB page to view more of her wonderful creations!



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