Monday, June 19, 2017

Fun Fur Day 10 June 2017

The Fun Fur Day held on 10 June welcomed a total of 10 members!

To make the event more engaging, we invited artists to give a short presentation to share their works.

We were pleased to have Casey Chen with us. Casey is a well-known multi-disciplinary artist who has more than 20 years of experience in the design industry. He is actively involved in the Singapore and International art and design scenes in a number of different areas - brand, furniture, jewellery, product design, sculpture and authorship of two books.

Cloud Expresso cup

Casey doing a demonstration
Casey shared his current interest in coin ring making. He even demonstrated to us how to easily punch a hole into a coin! He also showed his "Cloud" expresso cup. After his presentation, he also generously donated 2 of his storybook "Little Red Riding Hood Lah" to 2 lucky draw winners.

Congrats to the July Baby!

Paula is the 2nd winner of Casey's book
After Casey's representation, Wayne too gave a short introduction on Artist Teddy Bears and Singapore Teddy Bear Club to Lillian, Michelle and Carmel who were new to the group.

Wayne giving an introduction to artist bears

Cheesesteak made by Wayne and Doll made by Carmel

We were very pleased to have Carmel, who is a doll teacher, joining us. She brought lots of her handmade polymer clay dolls to share with us.

Michelle and Malvick

Doll made by Carmel and Teddy Doll made by Esther

L-R: Paula, Esther, Philip, Michelle, Winnie, Chio, Carmel and Wayne
After the meet-up, we had a group photo taken together. We are thankful to all who came to make this event a success! We look forward to meeting everyone again our next event!

Hugs, Wayne

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