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Susan Quinlan Doll & Bear Convention 4 - 6 May 2017

The 3 days Artist Doll & Teddy Bear Convention had a total of 135 artists which was even more than the previous year!

Philip and Wayne were both excited to have the opportunity to meet many doll and bear artists. On the first day,  they attended was Michelle Lamb's "Soulful Smiles" workshop.

Thank you for coaching us, Michelle!

In the 7 hours workshop, the 10 students learnt how to hand sculpt teeth and claws using epoxy clay for an open-mouth bear. Michelle shared with us the different techniques and tools required. As a bonus, Michelle also shared with us how to make leather corded eye lids. We also used markers and colour pens to add shadings onto our bears. We took a group photo at the end of the class.

On the 2nd day, many attended different talks conducted by several artists. Wayne submitted his panda, Star Gazer for the Artist Set Up for Teddy Bear Sale and Judging. It was an open category, where every artists displayed only their best pieces for sale and judging. Philip and Wayne were amazed by the creative pieces made by all the doll and bear artists. In the evening, all artists and collectors voted for their favourite creations. There was even a free-flow cocktail session for 2 hours!

By Tami Eveslage

L-R: Linda Hearn, Marina Osetrova, Philip Tan and Svetlana Khabarova

By Diane Keeler

By Jill Johnson

By Joanne Ohanlon

By Mary Esther Wand

By Michele Freeman

By Darlene Allan

By Wayne Lim

By Jillian Reeves

By Katherine Hallam

By Nina Tugarina

By Allen Hsu

By Jack Johnston
We also went to make bracelets! It was a free event hosted generously by Joanne Livingston and Jillian Reeves for all participants. The room was filled with participants of all ages. Everyone picked their favourite pieces of jewellery and beads to make bracelets for themselves. We proudly wore it on our wrists!

The big day of the event was on Saturday. it was the day where everyone had their table set up and ready for the collectors to view our creations! We are glad that our table was very near to Michelle Lamb, Tami Everslage and Katherine Hallam because they are the popular ones whom most collectors come for! With their popularity, our table had some collectors looking at our bears!

By Katherine Hallam

Tami's table

Michelle and Wayne

We also arranged to have our table next to our dear friend, Lisa Heiland! W agreed to have another swap! This is our 3rd time swapping bears with each other!. Lisa had specially made Wayne a cinnamon coloured bear and Wayne gave her a blue dragon for the swap! We were both very pleased with the arrangement.

Wayne and Lisa is having a swap!
Thank you for adopting Etherlinda, Jillian!
Wayne was extremely delighted as it was also the first time ever that he had sold so many bears! In total, 10 Wayneston Bears found new homes. We were very pleased to meet our regular collectors and new ones as well! Philip and Wayne also had a fun time choosing a wide variety of fur fabrics from Mohair Maniac. Both of us choose a few pieces of soft fur for our new creations!

Thank you for adopting Wayneston Bears!

Donna Mettling and Wayne

One of the artist told Wayne that she wanted to take pictures of him because her daughter is a fan of Wayne's creations! There was also another artist who told Wayne that she started bear-making because of him! These words made Wayne very motivated to be a good artist, because he believes he can further share and inspire many other people with his creations.

The best thing about this event was the buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner. The food was nice and we had good company. We spent lots of time networking with doll and bear artists.

Cheryl and Wayne

We finally met the legendary Jack Johnston!

Maggie Anderson, Wayne and Philip

With the Japanese Artists

Marina Osetrova

Svetlana Khabarova

Jillian Reeves

Rob Boger

Shane Elliott

Jill Johnson

Allen Hsu

Tyler Crain-Davis

Diana Keeler

Ginger Brame and Wayne

Kimberly Wendt

Thank you Mary Jardin Wimberley for visiting our table!
At the end of the event, it was the announcement of the Beverly Port/Helen Bullard Award Winners at the Presidential Ballroom with buffet dinner. After dinner, we quickly took some group photographs before we left the venue.

Michelle and Philip

We would like to thank all our friends and collectors for supporting us in this event. Special thanks to our teacher, Joanne Livingston for spending her time teaching us how to make a realistic bear even in our hotel room!

Wayne, Joanne and Philip
We would like to take this opportunity to thank the organiser of the event, Susan & Terry Quinlan for hosting such a wonderful and successful event. We look forward participating in the Quinlan Artist Doll & Teddy Bear Convention to next year.


Wayne & Philip

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