Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Bundle Baby Workshop, 20 & 21 April 2018

Carmel, Nicole and Joanne

Wayneston Studios is pleased to collaborate with Art Doll Artist, Carmel Ooi to conduct a Bundle Baby Workshop in April. This workshop has welcomed 4 students, namely Hema, Esther, Joanne and Nicole.

Carmel shared with the students the type of clay and tools used to sculpt the doll. Each student was given a pre-baked head armature with eyes in the correct position before adding and baking clay in layers. Using this method the polymer clay requires multiple baking times so that each adjustment remains hard and fixed at the desired position before adding more detail to the face.

Once the eye muscles/structure was ready, the students later added cheeks, lower jaw and lips to their baby. Each baby has a different expression and they are truly One-of-a-Kind. After the head is done, Carmel showed the students how to make a soft body for the baby and gave each of them a hand-sewn blanket for the baby to sleep in.

Joanne and Nicole's babies

Hema and Esther's babies

Esther, Carmel and Hema

At the end of the class, we took several group photos. We would like to thank Carmel for her time and for sharing her valuable knowledge with us. We look forward to having her in Wayneston Studios again to conduct another doll making class.


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