Thursday, December 30, 2010

Our experience in Seoul - Day One

The weather in Seoul is vry cold... the sudden change in weather make us feel sicky. However after staying few days in Seoul, we are starting to like the weather, snow, people and this beautiful place.

On the first day when we arrived Seoul at the Incheon Airport, we took a cab to our hotel. The journey took us more than an hour. We stayed in Hotel Hawaii, it takes about 5 mins walk to COEX. You will see no pictures of the hotel because, it's not beautiful, average service and average standard... the next time i promise myself to stay in a better hotel :p

My friends told me that most Koreans couldn't speak and understand English. However, I m lucky enough to find Koreans that can speak English or Chinese. You will be amazed that some of them even flew to China to learn Chinese. Most of the young people could speak English if you approach them for help. The Koreans are vry polite and friendly, their service is superb... The place and toilets are clean, train are easy to board and travel around. Trust me, we travel to different places ourselves, you don't even need a tour guide =)
Haha... This time we didn't have enough time and I did not much research on where to go, the next time if we come to Seoul again, we will visit theme parks and more tourist attractions.

After checking in our hotel, we had our lunch in a restaurant nearby. This restaurant only served pork (wild boar). We couldn't understand Korean and the boss couldn't speak English too, we had to use hand signs to communicate LOL... Luckily, a gentleman who is having lunch with his friends helped us to translate our food orders.

After our lunch, we went to the COEX Aquarium. Below are some of the pictures which we took there.
A swarm of Pirana

Puffer Fish


  1. Looks like a great trip, and that meal that you had to translate looks like a banquet!

  2. Very nice pictures Wayne, thanks for posting them. Love to hear you had a good trip.

  3. Katy, i enjoyed the trip very much. It's so fun =)

    Joanne, thank you. I am glad that you like my pictures =)


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