Sunday, December 12, 2010

New squirrel named Maple

This week a new squirrel named Maple is born! She is made with topaz coloured mohair, sized 6" tall. Here are some of her pictures. She is now available on Bear Pile.

Few weeks ago, I have been working on the design for my sewn on labels. I have always wanted to give my bears an identity; they are my creations and I am proud of them, they deserved my branding and recognition. I have been searching for a supplier that can make sewn on labels and tags, however most of them has a minimum quantity (500pcs +).

I am not a full time artist and I don't sewn many bears, this has disturbed me for a while. Thanks to my bear friends Becky and Deborah, who have recommended me to a lady who customise labels.

Not long ago I have received them, I am proud to show them to everyone =)
These labels are made of suede material, all you need to provide is the artwork and the size you want for the labels. Many thanks to Angie (Rememberwynn) for making me such beautiful labels, I am now more motivated to make more bears and critters =) If you are interested to make labels and tags for your items, you can visit her online shop here.

Above are some images of my labels and tags. Maple is the first critter that has a label sewn on her back!
Thanks for viewing my blog, I wish everyone a wonderful weekend!


  1. A beautiful squirrel, i like it very much. Your labels are great - congratulations.
    Greetings Iris

  2. I love the squirrel. He is so cute. Love the fluffy white belly fur. And the labels are great. I want the round ones. I am heading over, thanks Wayne.

  3. Thank you Iris & Joanne =)

    Joanne, I am glad that my information helps. :o)

  4. love those circle labels. must be great for collector to receive.

  5. Love this squirrel Wayne,lovely,


  6. OMG, I LOVE this little squirrel! You are SO talented. I am your newest FOLLOWER!
    Have a wonderful week,

  7. Thanks Susana, Leny & Donna, your comments made my day =)


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