Thursday, December 30, 2010

Our experience in Seoul - Day Two

Let me share something really funny. After our trip to the COEX Aquarium, we went back hotel to rest. All of us are so tired that we fell into deep sleep at 8pm. Before we went to sleep, I have adjusted the alarm clock to the next morning 6am, 25 dec. We need to be set up our table and prepare for the bear show before 10am.

In the  middle of the night, my dad woke up.  He looked into my watch and scream... "It's 11am! We are late for the bear show!" We got so panic, quickly packed our bags without brushing our teeths, wear few layers of clothings and dragged ourselves towards the lift. As the lift door opens, I looked outside I realised that the sky is still dark... then i looked into my watch again. It's 24th dec, 11.30pm not 25th dec 11.30am!

This is sooo scary, we didn't know that we have slept for only 3 hours. It feels like we have slept for 10 hours! All of us went back to our hotel room and have a good laugh...

The Seoul Bear Show is held at the COEX Convention Hall. There are more than 20 korean artists & about 8 foreign bear artists. This is my first time going overseas are bear show, it's so fun!

The Korean and Japanese artists are all so friendly, we spent our time happily chatting away, despite there might have some communication difficulties. No worries, there are helpful translators arounds to make communication easy =)

Japanese Artist - Rose Bear by Terumi San

Korean Artist - Rich Bears by Kang Bu Ja

Korean Artist - Ansteddy by Amy Ahn

Kims Teddy

Swapping bears with Korean Artist Ma Eun-Sook ( Mina bear)
Pamela and Me


  1. Oh dear Wayne...still better early than late! Looks like it was a wonderful show, thanks for sharing the photos.
    Warmest Hugs,
    Sandi @ Ess D'Ess Bears and Bearly Sane Studio

  2. Hallo Wayne, thank you very much for this great pictures. And your story about your only three hours night is so funny, thank you for telling us.
    Greetings Iris

  3. Thank you Sandi and Iris for the comments. I am glad that you have enjoyed reading my blog. Haha...


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