Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wayneston Bear Basic Bear Workshop

Hi peeps, it's me again! Haha, I guess I am kinda crazy, blogging 3 posts continuously within 2 days! =P
Ok, here are some pictures of the basic bear workshop held at My Favourite Things.

2 weeks ago, 4 little bears are born with the loving touch and creativity of 4 lovely ladies. Look at their happy faces! 3 of them are keeping their bear for myself as xmas gift and one of them is giving to her boyfriend =)

I am now planning my next workshop which will be held next January or February. If you are interested, kindly send me an email or join my mailing list. Do visit my blog again to check on my latest workshop available.

Have a great day everyone =)
xoxo wayne

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  1. Wow, they made some very handsome bears! You must be a good teacher. They have fantastic noses, especially for novice bear makers. Wish I could do your workshop!


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